Every esthetician needs to feel empowered and in control of her skincare practice and her life. We believe that through education and resources focused on boundaries, balance, health, and safety, all esthies can gain that empowerment and create a working environment that brings satisfaction and fulfillment to their lives, as well as their clients'.

Hi y'all!

I'm so happy to welcome you into the  Spa Strong Community!

I've been a Licensed Master Esthetician for 7 years. From working at a medspa to teaching esthetics and makeup full time to owning my own spa studio, I have had tons of experience and learned so many valuable lessons in this incredible career field. 

Along with experience in esthetics, I also have a background in law enforcement through the Los Angeles Police Department. And believe it or not, so much of what I've learned with the LAPD applies to the spa industry! 

So, together with my husband, Royal, we created Spa Strong LLC in order to empower you with all the knowledge and experience we have so that YOU can find amazing success and safety as a thriving esthetician. 





Hey, everyone!

Thanks for joining us at Spa Strong! I never thought I'd be involved in the skincare industry, but here I am :)

I'm currently a police officer and have been for the last 4 years. My career in law enforcement has taught me so much about public relations, customer service, boundaries, assertiveness, self-defense, and more. 

As M'Lisa mentioned above, all of these things are surprisingly applicable to estheticians. I'm excited to share my knowledge to help empower you as a skincare professional.



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