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4 Myths About Hiring For Your Beauty Business-DEBUNKED!

Jan 13, 2023
4 Myths About Hiring For Your Beauty Business-DEBUNKED!

Hiring is an exciting step in business, but it’s also an intimidating one. 

There’s so much to consider when bringing an employee onto your team that it can get overwhelming. You may refer to books, youtube videos, or a business coach to help you in the transition. However, there’s so many hiring myths that are out there, we wanted to break those down today and give you tips that will help you find a great fit the first time. 


Here are 4 hiring myths debunked: 


  1. People should be hired for “culture fit”. 


The problem with the term "culture fit" is that it's often used as an excuse for hiring people who are similar in background or interests, rather than hiring individuals who can contribute uniquely and positively to your workplace environment.


There are plenty of people who seem like they'd be fun to work with and who might be able to help build team morale, but they aren't necessarily the best candidates for your business. In fact, thinking in this way can lead you to hire people who are more concerned with creating a good impression than with doing their job well — and this can cause problems down the road.


Don’t judge your candidates by how they’ll “fit in”, judge them by how they’ll contribute to your business and how they’ll add even more value. 


2.  Successful companies have good teams.

While, yes, there are successful companies out there with large teams, there are also so many businesses who have thrived off of having a small team. If you hire correctly and intentionally, you might not need to hire again for a while.


Now, we’re not saying have one employee do the job of four, but delegating the right tasks to a dedicated, driven employee might be enough for you and your business for now. And as you scale, you can reassess as necessary.


Don’t just hire a huge team because you feel that's how you’ll succeed. Hiring does not guarantee more success. Revenue and customers determine success. 


3. Hire slow, fire fast


When you’re making hiring decisions, we understand the want to hire slow and be intentional and practical with your decision. But, firing fast will cost you a lot of money and leave you with a constant revolving door of employees. Your goal should be to hire people you can see investing in for the long term and the employee feels that way, as well. 


Also, if you're firing fast because your employees aren’t meeting your expectations, most likely YOU as the boss aren’t doing enough to support them in their success. You need to take full accountability over your employees and adequately train them. 


4. Hiring experienced employees is better


Of course experience is great, however hiring is about analyzing what they’ve accomplished and what they’re going to accomplish. Do you see potential in this candidate? Potential is harder to recognize in an interview than experience, but it’s crucial. 


Also, oftentimes with those who have experience, they are used to doing things a certain way. People who have less experience will have fresh perspectives and new ideas you haven’t thought of due to being in the industry for so long.


Hiring can be tricky and there’s so much to consider. But more than anything, remember you are building a business you want to last, so choose people you can see going the distance with you. Congratulations on this exciting time in your business if you are hiring! You’ll now be able to make an informed, intentional decision when selecting a candidate. Good luck! 


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