Creating Your Social Media Marketing Strategy: 4 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2022

Social media is the new wave of marketing.

Ever since the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, businesses have been reevaluating how they target and market consumers. If you aren’t already on socials, this is your sign to create an account NOW. A few great apps to start on are Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Seriously, you’re missing out on the world of social media marketing if you’re not taking advantage of social platforms. Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that prioritizes people, not products. The aim is to get engagement and create discourse between consumers. 


When considering buying a product or service, people consult the internet first. A thesis report written by Celine ARCA, Master of International Marketing, tells us almost two out of every three conversations online refers to a brand, product, or service. They look at reviews, comments, and search up content from real people to get a good perspective on the brand. 


One of the advantages of social media marketing is we can now show consumers’ post-purchase experiences. Once a customer has made a purchase, they go online and share their opinion. People who are searching for that particular item will see their review and trust them more than say a traditional ad. There’s a level of trust you just can’t get from traditional marketing. 


There are so many benefits to social media marketing. Lead generation, cost-effective marketing, traffic, exposure, insights and more. This is a new emerging kind of marketing and it’s seeing exponential results. 

But, it’s not as easy as just posting a piece of content and not thinking about it for the rest of the week. You need a strategy. You don’t want all the time you’re spending making content to not bring you in any money. 


I want to share with you FOUR of the common MISTAKES beauty business owners make on social media and how you can AVOID doing them. 


  1. ONLY SHARING INFORMATION- What value are you offering?


You are the expert and it’s easy to just slap what you know on a graphic and share on Instagram, but information with no purpose isn’t compelling. Here’s what I mean by that: before you share that info graphic, think to yourself, “How is it going to help my ideal client achieve their goal?”, “How is it going to add value to their life or business?”. There needs to be a clear purpose for why you’re delivering that information, always keep your ideal client in mind. Remember, people buy TRANSFORMATION, not information. 


     1. NOT SPEAKING TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENT- Are you targeting the right audience?


You have to get in front of your target audience. In order to get noticed on social media, you need to be crystal clear with your messaging. Who is the person you’re trying to reach? What are their problems? What value can you provide to help? What is the goal they’re trying to achieve? Going into socials with no strategy or plan will leave you wondering why your posts aren’t turning into sales. When you’re clear on who you want to communicate with and why, your message will be more focused and you will attract your target audience to your page. 


     2. BEING INCONSISTENT-Consistency is key 


You can’t expect to build a huge following if you only post once in a while. Both the algorithm and potential followers need content, and if you don’t give them any, they have zero reason to focus on you! Find a posting schedule that works for you and stick to it. Planning ahead and batching content can really help with this. And if you’re not sure what to post about, go back to who your ideal client/follower is and what they need to hear. 


     3. NO CALL TO ACTIONS-Are you letting them know what to do next once they’ve viewed your content?


Other wise known as CTA’s, this is inviting your audience to do something after viewing your client. It could be as simple as asking them to Like, Comment, or Share, or it could be more involved like asking them to DM you or access a link in your bio. Regardless of which you choose, it is so important to invite your audience to take action and engage further with your content—this will create more connection between them and you, it will increase engagement on your page. 


The reach and audience you can access on social media is unparalleled. You’re missing a MASSIVE audience if you’re not utilizing social media marketing. I hope you’ll heed these warnings when approaching your social media strategy and stop moving blindly through your business. 


Some other tips you can keep in mind is to engage regularly with your audience. Reply to all of your comments, DM people who comment, share or like a post, and just make sure you are actively engaging with your audience in every way. If you take away anything from this, I want you to remember to show up as you. People will book when they like, know, and trust you. Follow these tips, but always lead with your ‘why’ and make sure people are getting to see the real, genuine you. 


People buy from people, not businesses. 


If you feel like you need more tips, feel free to head over to our Instagram @spa_strong where we share a ton of information on social media tips, sales, customer retention and so much more. 


-Spa StrongšŸ–¤


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