Female UFC Fighter Stops Attempted Robbery

Polyana Viana is a strawweight UFC fighter who used her MMA skills to beat up a man who attempted to rob her outside her apartment building. OH EM GEE.

I'm so impressed by this story (read it here). She was outside waiting for an Uber, a man sat down next to her, asked for the time, and then demanded her cell phone. He had a "gun" in his pocket, but Viana was able to recognize that it was too flimsy to be a real gun. Acting quickly, she stood up, delivered two punches and a kick to the man's face. She then put him in a rear naked choke and held him there until the police arrived.

Clearly Viana has been training in martial arts for a while (she has professional fighter status), but we don't all need to be pro fighters in order to protect ourselves in similar situations. Any training is better than no training at all. Even just a little bit of self-defense and/or martial arts training offers you knowledge that you probably didn't have before. And the saying "knowledge is power" is no joke.

Any beneficial information and training allows you to formulate at least a hint of a game-plan for unsavory situations. For example: if you went to a free self-defense seminar at your college dorm one time, even though it wasn't extensive, you probably walked away knowing something you didn't know before. Maybe you learned a certain strike. Maybe it was a tactic for disengaging from a hold. Perhaps they covered ways to carry yourself so that you don't look like an easy target.

ALL of these things are important. ANY of them could be what tips the scales toward life rather than death.

My mom says, "Be prepared so you won't be scared." This statement is true regarding so many aspects of life, but particularly in the area of self-defense. Prepare yourself for life-threatening situations so that (God forbid) if you ever find yourself in one, you will be able to act quickly to defend yourself, escape, and survive.

xo M'Lisa


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