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Updated: Nov 3, 2018

I can’t begin to explain how passionately I feel about empowering women. We have it rough in a lot of ways— smaller frames, lower pay, objectification, unrealistic expectations (placed on us by men AND our fellow sisters), etc., etc. We are taught to be kind, nurturing, friendly people. We see the 1950s stereotype of the glamorous housewife who is at home vacuuming in her pearls then making an 8-course dinner for her husband. Maybe this worked for women back then, but things are different now; Women work just as many hours as men. We have the same jobs and the same degrees. We play the same sports and ride the same motorcycles. We have fought for equality, and have received it in many ways (maybe not all, but many). However, there is one area in which we have not found equality. That is the area of sexual and physical safety.

According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 91% of victims of rape and sexual assault are women. Now, this is not an area where I’m calling for equality (unless men and women are equally 100% free of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, etc.), but the fact that these types of crimes are targeted so heavily toward women is appalling and heartbreaking.

There are many, many wonderful and respectful men on the planet today. Unfortunately, though, there are quite a few who are not. They can range from partners to friends to family members to clients to strangers. They come from all backgrounds, socioeconomic groups, ages, races, and religions. They use tactics that include violence, manipulation, coercion, fear, and more. Their desire to force and control women can leave us bruised and bloodied— physically, emotionally, and mentally.

I don’t want to live in a constant state of fear. I don’t want to have to assume that every man I come in contact with is going to try to hurt me. But I realize that I DO need to be smart and plan ahead for those potential situations.

Empowerment and self-defense skills are like a 72-hour kit— you don’t want to ever have to use it, and the odds are that you probably won’t have to. But, boy oh boy, I’d rather have it available to me in an emergency situation than to be without it because I assumed I’d never need it. When the shit hits the fan, I would rather have something -ANYTHING- that I can draw on than to have to make it up as I go. Having a plan that has been thought out and practiced will be an incredible protector for you. According to a study performed by the University of Oregon which compared women who took a self-defense training versus those who did not, 0% of the trainees reported a rape after one year while 3% of those who had not been trained did report a rape. The group that had not received the self-defense training reported that 8% experienced an attempted rape, while only 2.7% who attended the training reported an attempt. I don’t know about y’all, but if learning some kind of self-defense/female empowerment skills could decrease my chances of being hurt, count me in.

Our purpose in creating this blog is simple— to create awareness, provide resources, and encourage female empowerment and self-defense amongst spa professionals.

Yes, we are focusing primarily on those women (and men) who work in the spa industry, but we believe that the content we will discuss is valuable to anyone looking for tools to protect themselves and live with greater peace of mind. We want you to know that you are capable, worthy of protecting, and strong. But not just any strong— Spa Strong.

xo M'Lisa


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