The Lotus Flower

Is it just me, or is the lotus flower everywhere these days? Yogis and free-spirits of all backgrounds are covering their bodies in lotus tattoos and their wrists with lotus bracelets (Don't get me wrong-- I have this one and I love it). Do I like the lotus? Sure. Do I think it’s over-used now? A little.

When we decided on the name “Spa Strong”, we wanted to create a logo and brand that really emphasized strength and overcoming obstacles. As I researched “symbols of strength”, the only one that really stood out was, in fact, the lotus flower.

Okay, it’s not often that we hear of the lotus being a strength symbol, per se. A symbol of spirituality? Yes. A simple of purity? Yes. The ancient Egyptians associated the lotus with rebirth and with the Creation. In Buddhism, it is a symbol of spiritual awakening, faithfulness, and purity. And in Hinduism, it is associated with beauty, prosperity, spirituality, and eternity.

The lotus is unique because it doesn’t grow on dry land. Instead, it grows from murky, muddy water. Every night it closes up into a bud and sinks down into the water, but it rises and re-opens every day with the sun, completely clean and spotless. Based on its pattern, it makes sense that the lotus is connected to thoughts of rebirth, spiritual awakening, and purity. But what about strength? This article in Town & Country Magazine describes it better than I could, but in summary:

  • The lotus stands as tall and as confident as it possibly can, regardless of the filth or chaos that is going on around it.

  • It has a waxy coating on its outside that helps the mud roll right off of it.

  • Every day, the lotus is resurrected, standing as a true symbol of revival.

  • The lotus has an unshakeable will to live, with seeds that can survive thousands of years without water.

I want to break each of these down and apply them to the type of strength that we encourage at Spa Strong.

Standing tall and confident in the face of filth and chaos

Just as the lotus doesn’t allow its muddy environment to define it, we believe that you do not have to let negative interactions or people define you. Choosing empowerment and courage in the face of fear, uncertainty, and confusion, regardless of how others try to bring you down to their muddy levels.

Waxy coating that lets the mud roll off In my opinion, this is a symbol of resilience. We may only deal with one negative situation or person in our lifetimes, or we may deal with a hundred. Either way, we believe in doing everything you can to let it go and move forward with healing instead of letting it build up, fester, and continue hurting your mind, heart, soul, or body. Sometimes we can let things “roll off” of us by setting clear, intentional boundaries. Sometimes we need professional help, like a counselor or a police officer. Whatever your situation(s) may require, we believe that the faster you can move forward, the better you will be able to recognize your strength and capabilities.

Resurrected each day This one is a big deal to me, personally. When something happens to you that is outside of your control, it is easy to quit trying. Quit trying to be strong, quit trying to stand up for yourself, quit trying to show others that you expect to be respected and you won’t settle for anything less. But every single day, the lotus has to sink down into the depths of the muddy water. It stays there for a little while (maybe this could be related to coping immediately after the shock of the incident), but as soon as it can, the lotus pushes its way out of the darkness and into the light. It doesn’t stay in the dark any longer than it has to. It remembers who it is, who it was meant to be, and it finds the strength to stand up and honor its true self.

The unshakeable will to live The lotus is a survivor. Day in and day out, it deals with the mud and the grime, but it doesn’t give up. Year after year after year, it continues to bloom and find light in spite of its surroundings. Even without water, it’s seeds can survive for thousands of years. Even without optimal conditions, we can continue to survive and remember our purpose. Even if we can’t bloom just yet, we hold on to the truth inside of us- the truth that we are valuable, that we are strong, that we, too, have an unshakeable will to live- and wait until the healing comes and we are able to rise up and completely bloom again.

As we studied and learned about the lotus, we realized that it isn’t just a cliched sign of zen-ness and spirituality— it is a beautiful example of the strength qualities we want in our own lives. This is why we chose the lotus to be a part of our brand. It is a reminder of our capability to stand up, recover, and stay strong. But not just any strong.... Spa Strong.

xo M'Lisa


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