Which One Will You Be?

Two women go to esthetics school. They read the same text book, learn the same treatments, complete the same hours, and pass the same state board exams.

After graduating and becoming licensed, both women are hired by local spas. They gain experience working with clients and selling products. A year later, both decide they are ready to open their own spa studios.

Each of these two women finds a studio space, purchases products and equipment, and begins offering services.

Two years later, one of the women is still at her studio space. She is well known in her community and has lots of clients. She is consistently fully booked and doesn’t have time for any new clients, but she has to work a minimum of 50 hours a week to maintain her business and lifestyle— A lot of her clients were granted permanent discounts, so they pay a bit lower than industry standard. She periodically faces frustrating situations when clients no-show or bring rambunctious kids to their appointments (she tried to implement a no-show policy in the beginning, but it just made clients mad so she stopped it). She has cut back on the retail products she sells because much of it was collecting dust and expiring on her shelves. She doesn’t take vacations because she’s worried she’ll lose clients, and her husband just rolls his eyes whenever she cancels plans because someone needs an emergency treatment after hours. She is frequently tired and sore from working long hours, but she loves her career as an esthetician, and believes that the stress is just part of the industry.

The other woman is no longer at her studio space— she has out-grown it and is now in a building with three treatment rooms and has five employees. Her facility is fully booked at 40 hours a week, but she only works 25— because she knows she has greater balance when she works fewer hours, she knew she needed to find a way to work less while still thriving financially. She increased value by connecting with and empowering each client in their skincare journey, and charged appropriate, industry-standard pricing. She implemented policies and set boundaries to protect herself and her business and was okay with clients leaving when they did not want to follow her policies. She found opportunities to expand her business, and she knew what to look for when hiring exceptional employees. She has confidence in what she provides as an esthetician, and knows she can take vacations and set boundaries without losing her quality clients. Her personal relationships thrive, she has time to care for her own body, and she feels empowered in her business and goals.

What is the difference between these two estheticians? They started out in the exact same place, so why did one excel and one plateau?

The answer is education, resources, and their application.

The first woman did not take the time to invest in her business and learn how to implement tactics that would help it grow or help her thrive in her career. She learned how to do treatments and believed that was enough.

The other woman was willing to look at the big picture. She asked herself what kind of life she wanted, and she sought out the resources and trainings that would help her create that life and business. She invested in extra education and applied what she learned. She knew that life as an esthetician is about more than performing services— she needed boundaries, balance, health, and safety.

That is what Spa Strong can provide for you. We are here to empower estheticians and beauty professionals alike with resources that promote boundaries, balance, health, and safety to help you thrive in life and business while enjoying longevity, fulfillment, and success.

We can’t guarantee that Spa Strong will get you the 3 room spa, the promotion, or early retirement. What we can guarantee is that it will arm you with resources and education that will prepare you to take advantage of the growth opportunities that come your way.

Through online trainings, our best-selling book, “Boundaries in Esthetics”, and all of the Client In-Take Forms you need, we are here to provide you with the resources that can take you from average to empowered.

So which one will you be?

The one who is okay with just getting by?

Or the one who wants to empower her career and her life?

The resources are right here. You just need to apply them.


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