How to STOP feeling guilty and insecure

about product sales, so you can START giving results and increasing revenue !

Spa Strong Online Course
Spa Strong Online Course
Spa Strong Online Course

Brittany Almeroth @your.esty.bestie

"One of the biggest blunders I've ever had in business was not knowing how to pick my prices. I almost lost everything! I can only imagine the number of headaches this course could have saved me if I had access to it when I was creating my treatment menu. I feel like Spa Strong somehow has the ability to reach into my brain and answer the questions I didn't even know I had. If you are an independent esty, this is an incredibly valuable resource for you! Please consider saving yourself from the pricing mistakes so many esties make."


You became an esthetician to help your clients achieve the healthiest, best skin or lashes of their lives. You love how thrilled they are at the great results they get and the progress they see.

BUT— are you also feeling a little guilty because you KNOW their results could be better if ONLY they were using the right products?

You have the product there at your spa, looking so pretty on the shelf, but no one is buying it! You keep studying the ingredients so you’re prepared for when a client asks about it, but none of them are asking.

The product— the missing link to the results they want— is collecting dust, and you don’t know what to do!

Won’t it be weird if you bring it up without being asked? Won’t clients be annoyed if you try to sell them on something and take their money? Besides, you’re not a sales person! You’re an esthetician! You work in service, not sales!

But you know in your heart that these are just excuses. You want them to use the product because you KNOW it will help. You know it will keep their skin safer and healthier. You know they need it. But YOU don’t know how to bring it up.

That’s why you need our new online course, Sell Your Products! This course will teach you how to become a product selling and results-giving NINJA! It will teach you everything I learned from my years of experience selling cosmetics and skincare products through Nordstrom and Sephora and how those sales techniques should be applied to the Spa Room!


Because here’s the thing— you complain about and make fun of the sales people at Sephora, Ulta, and department store cosmetic counters. You talk about how inferior their products are to yours, and you turn your nose up at them with a sense of superiority because you are allowed to retail professional, medical-grade skincare when they can’t. BUT GUESS WHATthey are running circles around you in SALES! All the clients who could be truly benefiting from your higher quality products are leaving YOUR SPA empty handed and swiping their cards at Sephora because of the sales and marketing techniques that are being used there!


You’re so worried about coming off as a slimy sales person, but let me ask you which is worse:

  • Keeping your mouth shut about incredible products that your clients truly need because you’re feeling insecure, so they go buy lower quality products somewhere else and potentially waste money or get adverse reactions?
  • Or, you selling products in an empowering way so that your clients know ALL  the resources they need to get the best possible results and they buy product from YOU, so their skin is safer and happier, they are happier, and your bank account grows?


You need the Sell Your Products online course so that you can learn the techniques I learned that led me to be a top-tier sales person SO THAT YOU  can apply those techniques in your spa and absolutely kill it financially and results-wise! You owe it to your clients to learn how to Sell Your Products so they can have the resources they need to get the skin of their dreams, instead of heading over to Ulta, Walgreens, or Amazon to buy their skincare.


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Spa Strong Online Course
Spa Strong Online Course
Royal Ellis and M'Lisa Ellis, Spa Strong

It's time to make a change and Sell Your Products without insecurity, fear, or guilt!

Let us show you how!

What Are Estheticians Saying About Sell Your Products?



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Sell Your Products will be open for enrollments January 15 at 1 PM Central until January 23 at 1 PM Central!

Learn what you need to do to prepare for product sales. This includes overcoming myths about sales, solidifying your desire to help your clients get the best possible results, and believing in your products and cause as an esthetician!

It's time to tackle the sale itself! Learn how to communicate the importance of your products in an empowering, not pushy, way. Improve your body language and confidence so that you can help clients get the results they need through the right products!

Once the client purchases, the need for sales strategy doesn't end! Learn how to keep clients coming back for more, how to remind them when they need a refill, and how leverage the sales you do get to encourage others to purchase, too!




Who is This Course For?

Estheticians and Beauty Service Providers who are ready to:

  • STOP HOLDING THEMSELVES BACK because of insecurities surrounding sales!
  • Find the CONFIDENCE they need to recommend the right products and be unapologetic about it!
  • HAVE A PLAN for growing their income and improving client results through product use
  • Give their clients the BEST POSSIBLE results by pairing products with treatments!
  • Feel EMPOWERED by sales rather than slimy or pushy!

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