"I would recommend M'Lisa to anyone. She is passionate about the industry and it shows when she is teaching. I love how confident and hard working she is. What is most important to me is how she keeps a relationship with her students. I have texted her with questions weeks after my program and she always responds quickly. I plan on continuing to learn from her. She is amazing!"

Gina R., Kaysville, UT

"M'Lisa was very informative and full of knowledge from her own experience. She was very encouraging and patient, and has such a positive attitude which made me feel very confident in myself and at ease about my timing. I intend to continue learning from her in the future because I had such a positive experience!"

Karina C., Oakland, CA

"M'Lisa has an amazing ability to connect with each of her students from beginners to advanced levels. She has a beautiful soul and light from within which is sunshine when she walks into any room! She teaches you how to enhance your outer beauty and confidence from within, whether applying makeup techniques on yourself or others. I really enjoyed learning from her and am excited to continue to do so! I would recommend her to others!"

Momi K,. Salt Lake City, UT

"M'Lisa is an impressive instructor. She is so knowledgeable in the courses she teaches, that her students are getting the best education, hands down. She is kind and loves all her students and has so much passion for everything she teaches. I've had many instructors in my adult life and M'Lisa is the cream of the crop!"

Naomi G., Ogden, UT

"My first impression of M'Lisa was that she is so cute and fun! I love how she becomes friends with her students, yet is such an amazing teacher at the same time. M'Lisa helped me step out of my comfort zone and taught me all of her knowledge. She also made me more confident in my skills and in myself. She was there when I needed her, gave me her opinions, and made me feel comfortable at the same time. Plus, it was so much fun! She always has a smile on her face and has the cutest and bubbliest personality. She makes learning a fun and inspiring opportunity."

Sarah W., San Antonio, TX

"Learning from M'Lisa was a turning point for me. She helped me discover my own talent and interest in beauty by challenging me and guiding my education. Six months after working with her I started working at a salon as a makeup artist, and I am now building my own freelance business, as well!"

Pearl M., Tacoma, WA

"M'Lisa was my esthetics instructor and I cannot say enough good things about her. She was responsible for teaching us everything from pedicures to chemical peels to laser treatments. She was so knowledgeable and patient and would do anything to make sure we understood exactly what we were doing. If it were not for M'Lisa being my instructor I would not have my dream job that I have today!"

Kaitlyn D., Wichita, KS

"M'Lisa was one of my favorite professors and definitely one of the most influential.  Her passion for skincare and makeup sparked a similar passion in me. Not only was she an excellent teacher and instructor, but she was also a great friend and mentor. She was able to teach the class as a whole, as well as provide advice and guidance specific to me and my work. I always felt comfortable asking her questions or talking to her, even if it wasn't about the class. If it weren't for M'Lisa, I wouldn't be where I am today, headed towards a career in makeup and skincare!"

Lindsey B., Provo, UT

"I took a makeup course from M'Lisa and have nothing but great things to say about her! I had never done someone else's makeup before and she gave me the confidence and skills needed to become a makeup artist! She is talented, driven, and takes pride in her work, and that really shows. She's encouraging and wants to help you succeed. I'm so grateful I didn't let fear stop me from doing what I've always wanted to do, because I wouldn't have met M'Lisa. She is an artist that I look up to and admire, and an inspiration to all who meet her!"

Shelby J., Poulsbo, WA

"M'Lisa was so engaging, fun, and well educated about all things beauty! She is a master at what she teaches and has been my main influence in getting into the beauty industry. Plus she is the sweetest person you'll ever meet."

Diana R., Logan, UT

"Learning from a seasoned pro has really given me the confidence to pursue a career as a Freelance Makeup Artist. I never thought I would actually take the leap into this industry, but the more I learned from M'Lisa and the more confidence she instilled in me, I knew I could do it."

Bree C., Salt Lake City, UT

"I learned a ton in this course and grew so much more confident in my ability than I thought I would and I totally have M'Lisa to thank! I really enjoyed learning in such a fun environment!"

Makenzie S., South Jordan, UT

"I am seriously so grateful for my time I had with M'Lisa in my course! She was so caring and willing to listen to all of my questions. I felt so confident leaving the class, and I seriously could not be more thankful for her and her super fun class!"

Brynn C., South Jordan, UT

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