This Call Is For You If:

🗲 You are a current or soon-to-be spa owner/solo esthetician who is serious about finding success and empowerment in her career! 

🗲 You are willing to take action and get outside your comfort zone to make the changes necessary to propel your esthetics practice forward!

🗲 You are ready to transform into a thriving, high-achieving spa professional who owns her power and confidence, and encourages her team to do the same!


This Call Is Not For You If:

🗲 You are unwilling to dig deep, make changes, and leave your comfort zone in order to move your career forward

🗲 You are unwilling to invest in your esthetics career and the support you need to help you achieve your goals

🗲 You are unwilling to be coachable and accountable for your efforts in working toward your goals



Here's What to Do Next...

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Just Imagine a Beauty Business That Gave You More....

  • Feeling stuck, insecure, or unsure about the direction to take your Spa or Salon?
  •  Dealing with empty books and bank accounts?
  •  Not having time to dedicate to your employees or business in general?

Are You Ready For...

  • Your Dream Spa
  • Your Dream Revenue
  • Your Dream Clients

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Aren't you tired of  ⬇️ 


❌  No Business Structure

You have a team with a ton of potential, but you never learned how to be a BOSS and that gives you stress because

No backend business systems

You and your team (or future hire) doesn't have employee handbooks, metrics, KPI's to reach goals, roles & responsibilities, standard operating procedures and more to make your life easier as a owner 

❌ Wearing all of the hats

Owning a business keeps you busy enough but having to constantly train team members to reach revenue goals and their weekly metrics can be so exhausting.



✅ You could be more of a business owner and less of a business operator.

✅ You could have a team that you can trust, and will strive to reach their set goals.

✅ You had a system that your entire team could train on every day to GUARANTEE they master rebooking, sales, upsells, add-ons, retail and so much more to increase business profit and you didn't have to train them.

✅ You could have a step-by-step guide to build and leverage your dream team.

✅ You could be part of a community of beauty professionals who want what you want, celebrate your wins, and support your ambition and drive.

Introducing: Spa Strong®

Spa Strong® gives you the guidance, support, and network you need to effectively increase revenue in your beauty business and achieve your business and financial goals.

Inside, you'll get our Revenue Accelerator, & CEO Master Programs that have generated up to 2000%+ revenue increase for our clients.


How It Works

Spa Strong® gives you everything you need to build a sustainable and structured beauty business:

🙌 Program Roadmap: Get a custom plan that maps out the exact action steps you need to take to hit your goals.

🙌 Weekly Group Calls: These group calls are to help us hold you accountable, and guide you step by step

🙌 Client Attraction: Go from overlooked to fully booked with the clients who are right for you and your spa.

🙌 CEO Mastery: Step-by-step instructions to become the leader and create the structure your team needs in order to help you reach your revenue & profit goals.

🙌 Full Training Library: Receive lifetime access to every Spa Strong training and course, includes over 300 trainings to help you implement and succeed in your beauty business.

🙌 Personal Growth: Your mindset affects the results of your business. Building an entrepreneurial mindset is a key step in your success.

This isn't just another high-ticket coaching program:

- This is a longterm roadmap to create the proper business structure for building a sustainable, profitable, and scalable beauty business with amazing team 


Who Spa Strong® is For

🔥 You're already an established spa or salon ... but you've hit a revenue plateau and are feeling overworked, and chaotic... or you are brand new spa/salon owner with a grand opening date and you want a custom plan for you to succeed in your business.

🔥You are a stablished spa or salon owner who is finally ready to expand and take your business to the next level

🔥 You sell effective services that you KNOW the world needs... but you don't know how to leverage those services into bookings and revenue for yourself or your team...

🔥 You've built an audience on social media but can't figure out how to consistently and effectively monetize it without ruining your brand image, reputation, or reach...

🔥 You're looking to move from an operator to an owner and leverage an effective team...

🔥 You want to grow a profitable business but don't want to sacrifice your freedom, health, or client results to do it...

🔥 You are committed to applying yourself and succeeding with Spa Strong® for the longterm...


What to Expect After Attending Spa Strong® Coaching

Increase bookings to fill your and/or your team's calendars

✨ Have a proven system for gaining clients through social media

✨ Become the "go-to" in your community and position yourself as a trusted authority

✨ Leverage revenue-generating opportunities with confidence

Build a team that is aligned, competent, and willing to achieve metrics

✨ Feel confident transitioning from operator to owner knowing you have a team and systems you can count on

Learn how to expand your business in ways you only dreamed of

Build your business from the ground up if that is something you need help with as well.


What Our Clients Are Saying

See for yourself, these are just a small handful of our Client Success Stories (and of course, results do vary and aren't guaranteed ...)