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Hi! We’re Royal and M’Lisa,

We teach estheticians and spa owners how to build profitable and sustainable spas, charge their worth, and attract a quality, loyal clientele by transforming business practices and increasing authority and confidence in themselves!

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Looking for ways to avoid spa business growing pains? Tune in to this webinar replay to learn how you can avoid 10 Mistakes I Made as an Esthetician That Cost Me Money!

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We've Got the Help You Need to Build The Beauty Business You Dream Of!


As Esthetician Coaches, we are here to help you make multiple 6-figures, get fully booked with your Ideal Client, become retail-selling machines, and change more peoples' lives with your skincare practice!


M'Lisa has been a Licensed Master Esthetician since 2012 and a Licensed Esthetics Instructor and Coach since 2014. 

Royal was a police officer for 5 years in Los Angeles until he was forced to medically retire due to an on-duty injury. He has been coaching with M'Lisa since 2018.

Together, we combine our expertise and experience building multiple 6-figure beauty businesses  to help beauty professionals fill their books and bank accounts!

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Spa Strong Esthetician Coaching
Spa Strong Esthetician Coaching
Spa Strong Esthetician Coaching
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Here's What Estheticians Are Saying

Spa Strong Coaching Testimonial
Spa Strong Coaching Testimonial
Spa Strong Testimonial

Two Months Later:

Spa Strong Testimonial

Naomi G.

Bountiful, UT

"M'Lisa is an impressive instructor. She is so knowledgeable in the courses she teaches, that her students are getting the best education, hands down. She is kind and loves all her students and has so much passion for everything she teaches. I've had many instructors in my adult life and M'Lisa is the cream of the crop!"

Shelby J.

Poulsbo, WA

 “I have nothing but great things to say about M’Lisa! She gave me the confidence and skills needed to grow my beauty business! She is talented, driven, and takes pride in her work, and that really shows. She’s encouraging and wants to help you succeed. I’m so grateful I didn’t let fear stop me from doing what I’ve always wanted to do because I wouldn’t have met M’Lisa. She is someone that I look up to and admire, and an inspiration to all who meet her!”

 Pearl M.

Tacoma, WA

“Learning from M’Lisa was a turning point for me. She helped me discover my own talent by challenging me and guiding my education. After working with her I started working at a salon as a makeup artist, and I am now building my own freelance business, as well!” 

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Discover the Book that is revolutionizing the way Estheticians run their Spas!

Spa Strong Boundaries in Esthetics book

Discover the Book that is revolutionizing the way Estheticians run their Spas!

You want an Esthetics Practice that is profitable as well as fulfilling and valued, right?

"Boundaries in Esthetics" helps you transform your business practices to attract quality clients who respect and value you as the skincare pro you are!

Spa Strong Boundaries in Esthetics book review
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