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Brittany Almeroth @your.esty.bestie

"One of the biggest blunders I've ever had in business was not knowing how to pick my prices. I almost lost everything! I can only imagine the number of headaches this course could have saved me if I had access to it when I was creating my treatment menu. I feel like Spa Strong somehow has the ability to reach into my brain and answer the questions I didn't even know I had. If you are an independent esty, this is an incredibly valuable resource for you! Please consider saving yourself from the pricing mistakes so many esties make."


Are you an esthetician who loves providing quality treatments for her clients but knows she’s not getting paid enough?? Are you an esthetician who constantly discounts his services out of fear that clients won’t rebook if you don’t?


Or maybe you’re an esthetician who doesn’t even know how much it costs to be in business or what your cost is per service! One who is dropping her prices so low eventually she won’t be able to AFFORD to keep her doors open!


I HAVE BEEN THERE! When I first opened my spa studio, I chose prices so low that I had to MOVE INTO MY CAR because I couldn’t afford to pay both my apartment rent AND my studio rent!


And you want to know the sad part?? I had worked at a bank for TWO YEARS and I knew EXACTLY what I was doing wrong budget and spending-wise, but guess what?? I was TOO INSECURE as an esthetician to raise my prices to INDUSTRY APPROPRIATE LEVELS to get my business and finances organized and start making the PROFIT I could have been making all along!


Ya know why? I had a HORRIBLE RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY. I had so much of a love/hate relationship with it that I couldn’t get past my self-doubt and start INVITING IT in my life. I saw myself as a BROKE, STRUGGLING, WANNA-BE ENTREPRENEUR, and I didn’t BELIEVE I deserved anything beyond my NEEDS (and even some of THOSE I couldn’t afford!).


So what happened?? I SNAPPED OUT OF IT. I realized that I needed to EMBRACE money, EMBRACE the NEW VERSION of myself that was SUCCESSFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and CAPABLE of earning 6-figures, and START BEING HER!


Through all of this, I was able to find the confidence to see myself as a VALUABLE TREATMENT PROVIDER WHO DESERVED TO BE PAID FOR HER SERVICES, so I raised my prices, moved out of my car, and started building an income and life that I never dreamed possible!


And now I want to share that with YOU! There is no reason for you to be struggling financially as an esthetician! Do you have any idea how much money there is to be made in this industry??? Have you ever looked at the numbers and realized what kind of earning potential you have? Have you ever wondered HOW you could start charging more and STILL keep your clients? Have you ever felt like you aren’t making enough? You aren’t appreciated as an esthetician? Or you can’t afford to stay in business? THEN YOU NEED THIS COURSE!


Sign up for CHARGE YOUR WORTH to build CONFIDENCE in your prices, stand up for them, and know that you are KEEPING the money you work so hard for instead of watching it DISAPPEAR from your account all the time! And we’re not just talking about keeping the bare minimum to survive here— We’re talking about NEEDS, SAVINGS, and MONEY TO ENJOY! Life is too short to live paycheck to paycheck! You didn’t become a Beauty Entrepreneur for that!





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Learn what needs to happen to create a healthy relationship with money and STOP subconsciously REPELLING it from your life! Understand why you deserve to be PAID for the services you provide and learn how to charge for your services in an unapologetic way! Stop feeling intimidated and start feeling CONFIDENT about money!

Your prices should be selected for a REASON, and that reason should include your costs of doing business as well as you other monthly expenses! Learn how to make sure you aren't LOW-BALLING yourself straight out of business, AND learn to create an effective budget to keep you on track with your FINANCIAL GOALS!

Ready to make your pricing work for you and your BANK ACCOUNT? Learn how to stand up for your prices, provide value, avoid UNPRODUCTIVE DISCOUNTS, utilize SPECIALS and PACKAGES, and start building the 6-figure income you are dreaming of! It's time for you to start PROFITING as an esthetician!




Who is This Course For?

Estheticians and Beauty Service Providers who are ready to:

- STOP HOLDING THEMSELVES BACK because of insecurities surrounding pricing!

- Find the CONFIDENCE they need to CHARGE THEIR WORTH and be unapologetic about it!


- HAVE A PLAN for growing their income, meeting their financial obligations, and STILL having extra money each month to SAVE and ENJOY!

- Have QUALITY CLIENTS who WOULDN'T DREAM of negotiating prices!

- Feel IN CONTROL OF THEIR MONEY without becoming completely obsessed with it!



Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you were wondering...

Q: Is this Course only for Estheticians?

A: This course is for anyone who provides beauty services


Q: Will I be able to access the Course after the enrollment date closes?

A: Yes! You will have lifetime access to the Course


Q: Why does the Course have an enrollment end date?

A: This Course is available for a limited time only, but anyone who signs up will have lifetime access


Q: Is the Course pre-recorded or will it be live?

A: It is pre-recorded


Q: How does it work?

A: When you sign up for the Course, you will receive an email with instructions to create your login credentials (be sure to check your Junk Folder if you don't see it right away). From there you will be able to access your Spa Strong Course Library and view this and any other Spa Strong Course you have signed up for previously.