This Call Is For You If:

🗲 You are a current or soon-to-be spa owner/solo esthetician who is serious about finding success and empowerment in her career! 

🗲 You are willing to take action and get outside your comfort zone to make the changes necessary to propel your esthetics practice forward!

🗲 You are ready to transform into a thriving, high-achieving spa professional who owns her power and confidence, and encourages her team to do the same!


This Call Is Not For You If:

🗲 You are unwilling to dig deep, make changes, and leave your comfort zone in order to move your career forward

🗲 You are unwilling to invest in your esthetics career and the support you need to help you achieve your goals

🗲 You are unwilling to be coachable and accountable for your efforts in working toward your goals

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