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4 Tips To Prevent Burnout as a Spa Owner

Nov 10, 2022
Tips To Prevent Burnout as a Spa Owner, Aesthetician, Beauty Business Owner and find the passion in running your business again

Overwhelm and chaos fill your mind as you get ready for another day of running your business. 

You have employees to manage, a spa to keep clean, client’s to keep happy, content to create for social media, and the list just goes on. 


You find your motivation and passion for your business is taking a backseat while instead it starts to feel like a chore and something that’s becoming a burden. 


I know the feeling—you've got to put food on the table and keep your business afloat during uncertain economic times. But, you also want to make sure you don't forget about yourself. 


It's easy to get caught up in all the things we have going on and forget about our own needs and wants. But if you reject your needs, you can end up feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, which isn't good for anyone! So here are some tips to help you manage wearing many hats at once so that you can feel empowered by all of your commitments instead of exhausted by them:


1) Set aside time for yourself every day. 


This could be a block of time in the morning before work or after work, but whatever works best for your schedule will be best for your overall well-being. Make sure this time is just for YOU—don't let anyone else take it away from you! This could include anything from reading a book or practicing yoga to meditating or catching up on sleep. Planning your days out will allow you to optimize your time better so that you can find those pockets of free time and be intentional about how you use them.


2) Take breaks throughout the day when possible 


Even if it's just 5 minutes here and there, these little breaks will help keep your mind fresh so that when it's time to focus again, your mind is less chaotic. 

Some people think that to practice mental relaxation you need to set aside time and be in the right place, but that’s not true. Even when you’re taking a bathroom break, stop and be mindful. Take those few minutes to breathe and fully relax. 


3) Use tools like calendars and reminders to keep organized so you don't forget anything important!


Keeping your important information organized and clear is only going to help you in the long run. Do it for your future self! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your business, this can affect how passionate you are about it. It can turn into something that just stresses you out. Stay organized and intentional with your time and it will help you keep the passion and hope you’ve always had for your business. 


4) Finally, remember that it's okay if things don't go exactly as planned—that's just part of life!


Running a business comes with its ups and downs, so remember to take each challenge as an opportunity and keep pushing forward. Failing is normal and a part of starting a business, but it’s what you do after you fail that matters. Don’t stay in the failure, get back up immediately and evaluate what you’ve learned. Take that lesson, and keep moving. 


Your job highly depends on pampering other people and creating an amazing experience for your client while they’re with you. You need to extend this same courtesy to yourself.


Find moments to pamper yourself. Take a break from your business so you can come back to the passion and momentum that helped you start it in the first place. 


Always remember that your emotional and mental upkeep is just as important as your business’s upkeep. 


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