Youtube For Your Beauty Business - Benefits and Tips!

Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the world, ahead of Facebook. With its nearly 2 billion users, there’s a ton of opportunity to gain awareness, form connections and more. 


Apps like Instagram and Tiktok are great for promoting your business and getting in front of your target audience, however, relying solely on these platforms to market your business is limiting. 


I want to talk to you today about the benefits of starting a youtube channel for your beauty business.


#1 Longer Lasting Content 


When searching for content on Instagram, most likely content won’t appear that’s more than a  week old. Youtube searches will pull up results from 3, even 5 years ago or more. Creating content that disappears after 2 days on Instagram gets old and can lead to burn out. Youtube creates a space where your content is available to everyone no matter how old it is. 


#2 Diversify Your Streams Of Income 


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