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5 On-Camera Tips for Beauty Business Owners

Aug 25, 2022
5 On-Camera Tips For Beauty Business Owners and Estheticians to help you produce more quality content and show up on camera more confidently, how to post better reels and tiktoks

The time to make video content is now. 


Instagram is adapting itself to compete with other apps such as TikTok. Instead of it being primarily a photo app, it is now actually boosting more video content and there is special attention on reels. 


The benefit of posting video content is that it not only caters to the algorithm but also creates trust between you and your audience. People buy from people, so showing up on camera and letting them see who you are is essential.

This can be a pretty foreign concept to people, especially if you don’t keep up with social media (totally understandable as a business owner with a thousand things to do lol). But, with a little practice and consistency, it can start getting easier to show your face on social media and possibly even fun!


Here are 5 tips for showing up on camera to help you boost sales through your social media! 


        1. GOOD LIGHTING


You don’t need the fanciest camera or the newest I Phone to create quality content for your social media. All you really need is good lighting and a nice backdrop. A few examples of ways to create good lighting are:


      1. A Ring Light

      2. Studio Lights 

      3. A Bright Window


Ring lights are available pretty much everywhere and are a great tool to use while filming.

Studio lights are the more expensive and heavy duty option. I would suggest using this option after you’re seeing a return from your social media so you know it’s worth the investment.  


If you don’t have the budget to spend on lighting equipment, use a bright window and stand in front of it. South-facing windows have the best direct lighting so use the compass on your phone and see if you have any near you. 


Lighting can be make or break for your video. If viewers can’t see you, they will scroll right past. Also, instagram boosts higher quality content, so if you have bad lighting you probably won’t have as high of a reach.


       2. SOUND


Sound is another important part of your video content you should consider. 

There a few different options when it comes to creating good quality sound in your video content: 


      1. Lapel Mic

      2. I Phone 

      3. Mini Mic 


A lapel mic is a small microphone that you can attach to your shirt near your mouth so you’re amplified when speaking. These can be bluetooth so you can connect them directly to your phone or camera. It’s a great idea if you’re doing content on the go or record youtube vlogs, etc.


The next option is using your I Phone. The most recent I Phones have great built in microphones and the audio sounds really clear when listening to it. The older phones may have worse quality microphones, but just make sure you are speaking clearly and are close to the phone. 


Lastly, you can use a mini microphone. Not only are these trendy and cute but they get the job done and are extremely affordable. A mini microphone will help you create great audio without having to buy fancy equipment.


       3. MAKEUP HACKS


Another important part of showing up on camera is showing up looking your best. Now this doesn’t have to mean putting on makeup but if it can aid in your confidence and help you put your best self out there, then do it! 

When it comes to make up on video there are a few hacks I’ve learned through experience: 


  1. Less shimmer
  2. Use more color


Your makeup could look amazing in-person but come up wonky on camera because of the lighting or quality, etc. One tip is to use less shimmer. It could look beautiful and glowy off camera, but on, it can resemble sweat and grease. So stay away from a lot of shimmer while filming. 


Another tip is to use more pops of color. Even if it’s not your normal make-up look, try adding some color to your eye shadow or more blush to brighten up your face. It will come through nicely on camera.


       4. USE YOUR HANDS


Using your hands is a little psychological trick you can use to help grab viewers attention more. If you are recording video content and have your hands down and are just talking to the camera, people won’t be engaged in your content. Make sure to use your hands and be expressive when speaking to the camera. A study done by the University of Chicago showed that if you don’t use your hands while speaking, your audience will deem you an uncharismatic leader and they will understand you less. Get comfortable using your hands in everyday speaking and it will get easier to do it on camera.




Be genuine and allow your personality to shine through. This may take some practice in front of the camera, but eventually you’ll start to get more comfortable. By being yourself and representing your business well, you’ll attract your target audience and develop trust. 


If someone sounded like they were just reading off of a script and were extremely monotone, do you think you’d stay on that video? No! We are attracted to dynamic content delivered fast and with personality. Keep your content original and unique to your brand voice. 

I hope these tips will help you with showing up on camera and maximizing your reach on social media. 

You don’t have to be scared to record video content. Everyone needs to participate in it these days so no one will judge you. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for your business and you need to utilize it. 

We’re not saying you need to be social media masters but stay up to date on trends and tips. One way you can do this is by following Spa Strong on all social media channels! 


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See you in the next blog, Spa StrongšŸ–¤

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