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Creating A Successful Content Marketing Strategy - 5 Essential Tips

Dec 08, 2022
Creating A Successful Content Marketing Strategy - 5 Essential Tips

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” which still reigns true. Especially with the rise of social media and digital marketing expanding and growing exponentially, content is being distributed more often and in a more creative way than ever before. 


Content marketing is any media that your business creates that serves as a resource for your clients to help them engage with your company and make purchasing decisions. Content can include blogs, podcasts, youtube videos, and more. The goal when creating content is to reach your target audience and convert your ideal client. So, how can you do this successfully and efficiently?


  1. Determine Your Ideal Client 


Knowing who you’re selling to and why you’re selling to them is going to help you in developing your entire strategy. When you’re creating content, you need to know your audience and what is going to appeal to them. Determine what their needs are and what stage of the customer journey you’ll be guiding them through. 


2. Brand Identity


Setting up your brand to be a clear foundation of your company’s core mission and values is essential when building your content strategy. All of your content sets an impression of what your business is like so it needs to align with your brand. Think of brand’s such as Apple who thrive off of their branding. People want to feel a part of something and most Apple users universally use their products, even if there’s better technology out there. Set yourself apart from other businesses in your branding and make people want to be a part of what you’re doing. 


3. Set SMART goals


Setting clear objectives will allow you to track data more accurately and continue to adapt as you learn more from your campaign. 


Setting SMART goals will help you stay on track and not lose sight of what your business wants to achieve. 


Specific - Be detailed in what your goals are. Don’t just set a goal such as, “I want to increase followers on Instagram”. Instead set this goal, “I want to gain 2K more followers by the end of the year.” 


Measurable - You have to be able to track the progress you’re making so treat your content like data. This will help you meet your deadlines and stay motivated. 


Achievable - You need to challenge yourself when creating goals but not be unrealistic. It should push you, but still be attainable. Ask yourself “How can I accomplish this goal?” Plan out every step it would take to achieve it.


Relevant - Make sure this goal is relevant to where you want to take your business in the future and is supporting your long-term vision. Ensure it aligns with your branding, if it matches your needs, etc. 


Time bound - Set your target date. Ask yourself questions like, “What can I do today to get closer to accomplishing this goal? What can I do a month from now? What can I do four months from now?”


4. Market Research 


So, you’ve determined your ideal client and the audience you want to target, now it’s time to dive into their minds. The way they think, where they hang out online and in-person, and what their pain points are. Look on online forums and websites designated for market research. Gather as much information and data as you can on what your audience is struggling with so you better know how to solve that problem, and how to create content they’ll respond to. 


5. Adjust as necessary


After you begin your campaign, monitor the reaction you’re getting from your audience. What’s going to make you successful in marketing is being willing to see what’s working and what’s not, and optimizing your content accordingly. Tracking your data like you’re doing through your measurable goals is where you can determine the progress you're making and where changes need to be made. 


A lot of people will try to market to everyone to attempt to get as large of a reach as possible, but really you’re just making yourself harder to find for the people that really need you. Your business will thrive when you find your target audience and speak to their pain points directly. With clear goals and implementing change when necessary, you’ll create a very successful content marketing strategy.

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