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Learn To Attract Your Dream Clientele and Keep Them!

client attraction tips client retention tips Mar 23, 2023

So, you've had a lot of one-time only clients lately. Is that really such a bad thing? What difference does it make whether a client only books one time or 100 times? Can that really affect your business and your income?

The answer is YES! It can and does affect your business and income and NOT in a good way! When you don't have repeat, loyal clients, your business doesn't grow like you need it to. You're less likely to have sales, higher-ticket appointments, referrals, client support via reviews and social media posts, steady income, greater experience treating at various stages, PLUS greater confidence in yourself, your path as an esthetician, and your capabilities! All of these things lead to more MONEY, FULFILLMENT, and JOY in what you do! Doesn't that sound like what you need??


We want to talk about Client Retention with you. This is about whether or not a first time client chooses to continue booking with YOU, or if they decide to book somewhere else or abandon a treatment plan all together.


The reason we're sharing this is because now, more than ever due to this pandemic, you need to get your clients returning to you again and again! Your business can't truly thrive off of one-time-only clients! You didn't become an esthetician to fill your day with free consultations or starter peels- you need to build a sustainable, results-oriented business, but how can you do that if clients don't rebook and come back??


The reason we're sharing this is there are things you can be doing BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER treatments that will keep clients engaged, interested, and wanting MORE from YOU specifically! These things can help you avoid ghosting and last-minute cancellations, as well as clients who don't value your services and recognize their need!


This is important for us to share because I (M'Lisa ) have been through this PERSONALLY. When I first opened my spa studio, I had less than 15% client retention, dealt with constant no-shows, and couldn't afford both a studio AND an apartment and had to move into my car! It was a HARD ROAD, y'all. But I figured out how to turn EVERYTHING around and when from a measly 15% retention to well over 90% retention!! I figured out exactly what I was doing wrong and NOW.. I want to share my tried and true methods with YOU.


When you take the time to ELEVATE your client experience, that will strengthen their relationship with you and give you the chance to give them the incredible results they're dreaming of! A lot of y'all Estheticians don't realize why keeping clients is such a crucial thing. It's not just because keeping clients keeps money in your pocket, but finding a new client can be 5 times more expensive! 


Let me explain - When trying to gain new clients it inevitably does cost more. You spend so much time on marketing and you spend more time on people who are more likely to purchase one treatment from you, and won't come back and that's not even all of it! So you spend all that time going above and beyond to attract them and they don't even want to upgrade their service.


Having clients that keep coming back will increase your profit by tons! You will have somebody that sends you referrals, upgrades packages, buvs home care and will repeat it! I know what it's like to sit in your spa for hours hoping someone walks in. I know how it feels not having the confidence to show yourself as the expert because you're still “new”. But I figured out how to change everything! I figured out how to keep my clients coming back for more. 


Stop waiting for those repeat clients to come to you. 

With Spa Strong®s Client Attraction Workshop you will learn:

How to identify your TRUE Ideal Client and WHERE TO FIND THEM! 

How to market your services in a way that hits on an EMOTIONAL LEVEL!

How to develop and embody an IRRESISTIBLE BRAND! How to create content strategies that drive BOOKINGS AND SALES! How to collaborate in your community to GET VISIBLE WHERE IT MATTERS!

This workshop is coming soon, so sign up for the waitlist to be the first to be notified! By signing up you’ll receive a free guide “5 Tips for Quick, Engaging Instagram Reels”

We hope to see you at our Client Attraction Workshop SoonšŸ–¤

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