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The Ultimate List Of Content Ideas For Your Beauty Business

Aug 18, 2022
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As a business in the age of social media, it’s extremely important to keep your online presence as consistent and up-to-date as possible.

Social media is one of the largest forms of digital marketing used by businesses currently. Billions of people are active on social media, and all of those people are potential customers and clients. Social media marketing helps consumers get to know your business, your brand values, your products, and what you offer. It also helps businesses find their target audience. People discover new products and services through social media all of the time.

From vlogging to participating in trends, there are so many options for social media content. When it comes to content marketing, it's not enough that the content is quality, it also needs to be able to convert your viewers into paying clients. With experimentation and strategy, your content can land directly in front of your target audience, but you need to be delivering valuable content consistently that is speaking to your ideal client. With how often you need to be posting and the plethora of social media platforms that you might be utilizing, we get that it will be hard to come up with original, creative content everyday. Even though there are so many options, it’s also completely normal to get stuck sometimes.

Content creation can turn into a chore and before you know it, you’re dreading the days you need to sit down and record those reels, or that podcast or youtube video, etc. You’re already burnt out from the long list of jobs that come with being an entrepreneur and sometimes content creator can come as a last priority. But instead of it being the thing you dread, what if it could be something you look forward to? Luckily, we’ve curated a list of 50 social media content ideas to help make sure you never run out of ideas!


  1. Day-in-the-life
  2. Spotlight your employees
  3. Education topics relevant to your business
  4. Share origin story
  5. Share a relevant business story - funny or educational
  6. Respond to comments/questions
  7. Product Demonstrations
  8. Tutorials
  9. Participate in trending sounds
  10. Duet videos/reaction videos
  11. Stitch videos/response videos
  12. GRWM
  13. Behind the scenes of your business
  14. Showcase products
  15. Packing orders for shipment
  16. Office tour
  17. Testimonials
  18. How-to Videos
  19. Contest/Giveaway announcements
  20. Partner with influencers
  21. Inspirational videos
  23. Vlogs
  24. Share tips & tricks
  25. Debunk Myths
  26. Before and after videos
  27. Timelapse videos of a service you provide
  28. Join challenges
  29. Share benefits of your service
  30. Daily Routine videos
  31. Reflect your brand values
  32. Advertise new products/services
  33. Throwback pictures/videos
  34. Share a list of things to avoid in your industry
  35. Share tools/resources that have been helpful to you 
  36. Create an infographic 
  37. Make a poll
  38. write about common misconceptions 
  39. Show your portfolio
  40. Write/talk about something you disagree with
  41. Repost old content
  42. Celebrate a milestone 
  43. Share a hack for something you use
  44. “Get to know me” post 
  45. Best advice you’ve ever received
  46. Conduct interviews with industry professionals
  47. Create Podcasts 
  48. Share twitter posts
  49. Share company news 
  50. Conduct a survey 


We hope this list will be useful for you and will aid you moving forward with content creation. Maybe some of these ideas will turn into more ideas and it'll snowball into never-ending ideas and creativity. 

Challenge yourself to a 50-day content creation challenge using the ideas on this list!! Tag us @SPA_STRONG on IG or whatever platform you're on and let us know how you're keeping up!

 Happy Creating!

-Spa StrongšŸ–¤


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