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Youtube For Your Beauty Business - Benefits and Tips!

beauty business coaches beauty business tips medspa tips salon tips Oct 27, 2022
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Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the world, ahead of Facebook. With its nearly 2 billion users, there’s a ton of opportunity to gain awareness, form connections and more. 


Apps like Instagram and Tiktok are great for promoting your business and getting in front of your target audience, however, relying solely on these platforms to market your business is limiting. 


I want to talk to you today about the benefits of starting a youtube channel for your beauty business.


#1 Longer Lasting Content 


When searching for content on Instagram, most likely content won’t appear that’s more than a  week old. Youtube searches will pull up results from 3, even 5 years ago or more. Creating content that disappears after 2 days on Instagram gets old and can lead to burn out. Youtube creates a space where your content is available to everyone no matter how old it is. 


#2 Diversify Your Streams Of Income 


Youtube creators can make a lot of money and there’s much more opportunity to earn money on this platform than Instagram or Tiktok. By partnering with a brand or making an Adsense account, Youtube can be another great source of revenue. 


#3 Establish Authority in Your Field 


Studies show that people much prefer getting their information from a video instead of reading it.  By creating videos talking about your business and what you do, you can gain credibility by showing your target audience your skills. 


Now that you know why you should start a channel, we’re gonna share some tips and tricks with you for how to optimize that channel and get you the most exposure possible. 


Tip #1: Niche Down 


If you are using a youtube account for your beauty business to gain more clients, you want to attract the right people to your video/channel. Don’t be afraid to get really niche specific and speak directly to your ideal client. 


Tip #2: SEO 


Make sure to include keywords in your titles and even your description. Do keyword research using Google Keywords or any free or paid SEO tool. You can also use Tags. Don’t go overboard or else the platform will be confused about who to show your video to and what it's about. Use specific words related to your video and a few broad terms, as well. 


Tip #3: Encourage Engagement 


When Youtube sees that people are engaging with your video (liking, subscribing, commenting) they will be more likely to show it to more people. You can increase engagement by including a CTA (call to action) at the end of every video. Also by adding cards throughout your video, you can add up to 5. Cards are basically just links to other videos on your channel that you can distribute throughout your video. For example, if you reference an old video, you can add a card for it at that moment so people can choose to go watch that. The longer you’re able to keep people on the app, the more exposure you’ll get. Adding cards is smart because people have short attention spans and can just go to another video of yours instead of exiting out completely. 


If you’ve considered starting a channel, just go for it. It will benefit you and your business. Be patient as your channel is growing. It can take time to build an audience, but once they show up it will be worth the effort.

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