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4 Job Positions You Need In Your Spa or Salon

Sep 15, 2022
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Whether you’re here because you’re getting ready to hire employees or you already have employees and you’re looking to expand, you’ve come to the right place. 


I’m glad you’re here because I am going to share with you some job positions that are crucial to have in your spa or salon to make sure you aren’t working harder than you have to. 


Adding more team members to your spa will help lighten your load and allow you to be more of an owner and less of an operator. If it’s not your goal to get out of the treatment room, that’s fine too! But growing your team will still benefit your business in more ways than one.


For a sustainable, profitable spa with responsible scaling you should be bringing $250k in revenue per full time employee. Two part time employees would equal one in this case. This doesn’t mean each full time employee needs to be doing $250K worth of services each year (your social media manager doesn’t do services), but the overall revenue should equate to that total per employee. 


As you can see, your employees can help skyrocket your revenue, so what positions in your spa will set you up for success?


Here are the 4 job positions that are crucial to hire for your spa or salon:


1. Spa Manager


This position is crucial in your spa, especially as you transition from less of an operator of your business and more of an owner. The spa manager will be responsible for managing operations. That includes anything from managing supplies procurement to organizing work schedules for other employees. Spa managers can create trainings for new employees and help in oversee hiring. 


Your manager should know the ins and outs of all of your services to offer and always have the client experience in mind.


The manager of your spa might also be the lead esthetician and provide guests with services inside the treatment room. They’ll conduct meetings, help budget for the spa and set financial goals.


As you can tell, a spa manager is an integral position in your business and in order to make that next step in your business to where you are working less and making more—you need a spa manager. 


2. Customer Service 


Customer service will act as an umbrella term covering any employee who may work at reception, is a guest representative, or spa concierge.


The responsibility that comes with customer service includes reception duties, setting up spa equipment and sales! The person who you hire for your front desk or phone or whatever it may be needs to be well-equipped to sell and not afraid to seem “pushy”. Sales don’t have to be pushy so make sure you are being intentional with who you hire for this position. 


Receptionists or guest representatives will do guest consultations and programming, making sure the client is checked in, has signed all forms and then they will handle payment afterwards. 


Without a customer service position at your spa each esthetician would need to prepare their own space for their clients, have consultation appts and have sales knowledge to recommend products to their clients.  


You can hire someone into this position that does not have a ton of background education or training, but of course that always helps and make sure they can communicate and work well with others. 


 3. Social media manager


This is a more optional position, but let me tell you why it might be worth it for your spa to invest in a social media manager. 


If you get most of your clients from social media, this is definitely a position worth hiring. Especially if you want to transition out of the spa room and be more of an owner. Having somebody who solely thinks about content and sets up a strategy in place to help you grow to an even larger audience will be essential to growing your beauty business.


If you don’t attract clients through social media and use other forms of marketing, a social media manager could still be an asset to you. Most entrepreneurs know the rise of digital marketing in the past few years and the power it now has. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of social media and with a social media manger, you don’t have to! Hiring someone who can help you with strategy and content can expose you to even more people in your target audience. 


And finally, 4. Treatment providers 


Hire treatment providers who you trust to represent your business well and fits in the company culture. 


Perhaps you can expand the number of services you offer and hire new treatment providers that specialize in different things. Listen to what your clientele wants and they can help you see where demand is needed.


Different treatment providers could include massage therapists, make-up artists, nail artists, etc.


All of these different job positions will offer a lot of value to your business as long as you’re making the right hiring decisions.

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Building your team and growing your business can be daunting as the list of responsibilities and expectations pile up.


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-Spa Strong-

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